What´s this all about?[edit | edit source]

This is all about finding a Cure for the many Rare Diseases out there, on the basis of mutual cooperation between health professionals, scientists, patients and their families, and if possible, Labs and the Pharmaceutical Industry. We want to reach that special person who can solve the biological puzzles troughout these pages. We will give you all the pieces we can. Biological puzzle pieces may not be all available; we welcome any new pieces of information. Contribute.

Who´s behind this?[edit | edit source]

Does it really matter? Autorship is relevant for books, cds, even web sites. Not for wikis. All colaboration is held under Licensing of the Creative Commons, as stated by WIKIA. If you´re really curious about checking sources of information, look under each article, or up at the activity tab to see who´s contributing [1]. Credits will be given if necessary, in a respectul manner.

So, can we find a cure?[edit | edit source]

Yes. Someday, somewhere, someone, will post it here, on the page specifically dedicated to your disease. This is a wiki of faith in human kind.

What´s so special about this Wiki?[edit | edit source]

Besides being a web page that anyone can edit (that´s why it is called a wiki), it means that every rare disease patient in the world can contribute to general knowledge about his specific rare disease.

Search the Alphabet[edit | edit source]

Start contributing now. Search the alphabet for the rare disease you´re looking for and fill in the holes. Your contribution will be useful not only for patients and families, but for researchers and scientists all over the world.

Add your Researcher Profile[edit | edit source]

Are you researching or studying the immense work field of rare diseases? We want to help you reach even further. Add you profile now, and benefit from the knowledge of thousands of contributors!

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